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Epub ♖ Golden Apples ♷ He Showed No Sign Of Empathy Vere Focused On The Man At The Desk Their Glances Locked In A Kind Of Declaration Of WarGavin Ingham Was Just Like The Emperor Nero Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down, According To His Whim Vere Suddenly Loathed This Man With A Reckless Fury If They Had Warned Me Beforehand How Prejudiced You Were, She Asserted Angrily, I Wouldn T Have Bothered To Come Here At All The Flare Of Anger In His Eyes Sparked A Shiver Down Her Back Vere focused on the man at the desk Their glances locked in a kind of declaration of war.Gavin Ingham was just like the Emperor Nero thumbs up or thumbs down, according to his whim Vere suddenly loathed this man with a reckless fury If they had warned me beforehand how prejudiced you were, she asserted angrily, I wouldn t have bothered to come here at all The flare of anger in his eyes sparked a shiver down her back.