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(((Free))) ☔ Flambard's Confession ⇫ Set At A Time Of Great Violence, Danger, Loyalty And Deceit, FLAMBARD S CONFESSION Is A Novel At The Heart Of Which Is William II, Son Of William The Conqueror, And His Chaplain, Ranulph Flambard Ranulph Was Born The Son Of A Poor Priest And A Woman Rumoured To Be A Witch, And Yet Rose To Become A Priest And The Most Infamous Prince Of Tax Collectors This Fascinating Novel Weaves The Thin Threads Of History Into A Vibrant Tapestry Of Adventure Centred Upon The Dramatic Lives Of Two Notorious Men At The Centre Of Power Description

10 thoughts on “Flambard's Confession

  1. Michael Gruber Michael Gruber says:

    Marilyn Durham was an Ohio housewife who liked to read westerns One evening, she put down her book and told her husband, I can do better than this Unlike nearly all the people who say this, and whose self published mysteries and vampire tales clog the servers, she really could do better, a lot better Her first book was The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, a novel that IMO bears comparison with other genre expanding novels like Lonesome Dove and Blood Meridian It was made into a mediocre film with Burt Reynolds, but that shouldn t dissuade one from reading the book She wrote another western and then, remarkably, she wrote a enormous novel of nearly 800 pages about a man who rises from obscurity in the service of William the conqueror and his horrible son, William Rufus, to become bishop of Lincoln and the ...

  2. Stephen Butler Stephen Butler says:

    Loved this book.

  3. MrsER MrsER says:

    The beginning of the book has a hint of homosexuality a note found in a box belonging to Ranulph, the main character As I read on, there were mentions of homosexual relations longings between religious men It seems many of the characters in the cloister are homosexual, including the big kahuna Interestingly, the writer found so much detail on his sexual appetites, yet, the exact date of Ranulph s birth is still not known For some reason I cannot understand, it seems modern writers believe every other historical figure was a homosexual or a lesbian, or lived in an atmosphere charged with homosexual feelings I know I will be attacked for this review feel free to dive in , but I am not interested in reading about homo...

  4. Debbie toyoshima Debbie toyoshima says:

    loved the setting, in the 11th century Kings and kingdoms and the battles that were waged Flambart tells his lifes story of events He is close to the King and has become his Priest Though Flambart is far from perfect, and is constantly reminded of it through his fellow priests I don t want to spoil it for you so I won t go in to much detail I did get lost in all the legalistic matters of War, and the language of the 11th century kept me guessing what does this...

  5. J. Ewbank J. Ewbank says:

    What a fascinating way to get into a historical novel used by Marilyn Durham And, then when she gets into it it is a great read Those folks who like historical novels will love this one because it is so interesting The main character lives and breaths on the pages of the book.J Robe...

  6. Jane Jane says:

    Not read completely, but due at library Maybe someday I ll finish Interesting, but tooooo long could have been cut down about half We didn t need every second of Flambard s life Book finally got painful to read and became a slog I was sinking deeper in the quicksand

  7. Linda Nemec Linda Nemec says:

    A hard slog through a very long book, but worth it Great way to learn about history and politics during the time of William II and told through the voice of Ranulph Flambard, the infamous tax collector and advisor.