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the cover for this is stunning check it out on my blog [Read Book] ♟ War of Hearts ⚖ New York Times Bestselling Author Samantha Young Writing As S YoungThea Quinn Has No Idea What She Is All She Knows Is That Her Abilities Have Been A Plague Upon Her Life Since She Was A Child After Years Of Suffering At The Hands Of A Megalomaniac, Thea Escaped And Has Been On The Run Ever SinceThe Leadership And Protection Of His Pack Are Of The Utmost Importance To Conall MacLennan, Alpha And Chief Of Clan MacLennan, The Last Werewolf Pack In Scotland Which Is Why Watching His Sister Slowly Die Of A Lycanthropic Disease Is Emotional Torture When Conall Is Approached By A Businessman Who Offers A Cure For His Sister In Exchange For The Use Of Conall S Rare Tracking Ability, Conall Forges An Unbreakable Contract With Him He Has To Find And Retrieve The Key To The Cure Dangerous Murderer, Thea QuinnThea S Attempts To Evade The Ruthless Werewolf Are Not Only Thwarted By The Alpha, But By Outside Dangers With No Choice But To Rely On One Another For Survival, Truths Are Revealed, Intensifying A Passionate Connection They Both Fight To Resist At War With Themselves And Each Other, Conall And Thea S Journey To Scotland Forces Them To Face A Heartrending Choice Between Love And Betrayal War Of Hearts Is A Standalone Paranormal Romance I ve never read Samantha Young s previous paranormal novels, but I know she loves this genre We can find her style in her way to describe her characters and her country I really enjoy the story, the mythology and the evolution between the two heroes Thea is a very strong and lovable heroin, her journey is a hard one Conall is an alpha but he s able to respect Thea s decisions, which I appreciate There s a lot of action, of violence, we are never bored. Holy cow this story is amazing I loved everything about it The characters, the setting, the plot, the conflicteverything S Young did such a fantastic job on this paranormal romance I am dying for the next book War of Hearts gave me all of the feels I went from being angry to laughing, fanning myself from the chemistry of Thea and Conall to crying The ability of a writer to craft a story such as WOH by S Young and to get totally lost in that world as a reader is exactly why I love reading This is definitely one of my favorite reads this year Hands down this book is 10 stars This ARC was provided by the Author for a honest review. S Young is Samantha Young s paranormal romance pen name I was so excited to read this book and it did not disappoint This book is set up so can follow I really hope we get I think this is just the beginning I do wish that the villain wasn t so obvious from early on It didn t really hurt my enjoyment of the story The hero is a hunk Scottish werewolf I ll take one please I love how kicka the heroine was I m already ready for the hopeful next book I voluntarily read an early copy. I Received an unreleased copy of this book Werewolves.in SCOTLAND YES PLEASE Five stars Five stars FIVE FREAKING STARS This was the best PNR I ve read in FOREVER The drama, the feels, the characters, the romance, it was all so vivid, so addicting, so perfect I m in love with every word I can feel one hell of a book hangover coming on Just wow What can I say about this author s work that I have not mentioned in the past I knowI am a complete and utter fan of Miss Young s books, and each time I have finished reading one, I am left with my belly aflutter and a sappy, satisfied smile beaming on my lips.This time is no different I have been well and truly wrecked by her words I really should not be surprised at this point, eh and even now that a couple of days have passed since I reached The End of this beautiful book, I am still thinking about it I am absolutely not ready to say goodbye to The McLennan Pack From the moment I began reading, I fell into the lives of Thea and Conall The hours I spent following their journey were ones I should have spent writing, but I simply could not let them go I lived their story I cried, and I laughed I grinned, and sighed I became enthralled, not only by the sheer romance of them, but also the imagery Miss Young paints with her words wow Simply perfection And even while at work, I kept thinking about where I had to leave them the previous night, wondering what would happen when I got home and was free to start another chapter By the way, although I adore my family to bits, I let out a whispered whoop each night when they were fast asleep, because that meant I could get back to my book I am a bookworm, plain and simple I know that if you feel the way I do, you completely understand Young shows a new side to her story telling skills with her first paranormal romance A side that, despite its newness, she seems to fall into oh so effortlessly You can still hear her voice on every single page it is still her giving you the time of your life with her words The character driven plot was filled with twists and turns I did not anticipate, and it only took me a few chapters to fall in love with Thea and Conall I wanted them to succeed in their endavours so badly, yet there were moments I also found myself clutching my chest, worrying if they would prevailAnd did they Hmm Well, obviously I will not give you any spoilers, but know this you are in for one heck of sweet, fast paced, funny yes even the wolf is not a grouch all the time highly suspenseful and utterly enchanting romance Conall truly is a wolf a multi faceted creature who feels deeply And Thea is one remarkable creatureI adored her Her resilience her strength and heart spoke to me, and I loved her sass, in particular I also loved how she could bring the quiet wolf to his knees fans self If you are a fan of this author but unsure whether to give PNR a chance, I have two words for you DO ITDo not hold yourself back Try something new Let this fantastic author pull you into a story that will not only leave you a little breathless but also a little lost after you have finished it Lost, you ask Why Because I have no idea how I am going to pull myself out of this book hangover now that I have fallen into its clutches once I want, no, crave MORE.My favourite author best be working on the next book already That is all I am saying For now.