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[ FREE BOOK ] ♗ Real Life ♈ A Novel Of Startling Intimacy, Violence, And Mercy Among Friends In A Midwestern University Town, From An Electric New Voice A Novel Of Rare Emotional Power That Excavates The Social Intricacies Of A Late Summer Weekend And A Lifetime Of Buried Pain Almost Everything About Wallace, An Introverted African American Transplant From Alabama, Is At Odds With The Lakeside Midwestern University Town Where He Is Working Toward A Biochem Degree For Reasons Of Self Preservation, Wallace Has Enforced A Wary Distance Even Within His Own Circle Of Friends Some Dating Each Other, Some Dating Women, Some Feigning Straightness But A Series Of Confrontations With Colleagues, And An Unexpected Encounter With A Young Straight Man, Conspire To Fracture His Defenses, While Revealing Hidden Currents Of Resentment And Desire That Threaten The Equilibrium Of Their Community Real Life Is A Gut Punch Of A Novel, A Story That Asks If It S Ever Really Possible To Overcome Our Private Wounds And Buried Histories And At What Cost

10 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Roxane Roxane says:

    There is writing so exceptional, so intricately crafted that it demands reverence The intimate prose of Brandon Taylor s exquisite debut novel Real Life offers exactly that kind of writing He writes so powerfully about so many things the perils of graduate education, blackness in a predominantly white setting, loneliness, desire, trauma, need Wallace, the man at the center of this novel, is written with such nuance and tenderness and complexity He is closed unto himself but wanting to open to others even though the people around him may not be fully up to the task And there is a sharp undercurrent of the erotic throughout The way Taylor writes about bodies in the physical world is one of the highlights in a novel full of highlights Truly, this is stunning work from a writer who wields his craft in...

  2. Paris (parisperusing) Paris (parisperusing) says:

    Brandon Taylor s Real Life is indisputably one of the best novels of our generation, and I say this because it is true Do you know how wonderful it feels to be represented as a gay black man and by one of our own Next to living, it is precisely the most euphoric feeling in the world, and so it is with immense joy that I could be one of this book s earliest champions Because when it comes to realizing the anxieties and nuances of our humanity, Taylor has given life to a character gay literature has been hellbent on keeping in the shadows.A story as painfully pure as its name, Taylor s forthcoming debut Real Life illustrates all the grueling battles of so many gay black men like Wallace, the nucleus of this story, who endure the lonesome journey for shelter and mercy under the false cl...

  3. Garrard Conley Garrard Conley says:

    Such a great combination of humor and seriousness, w surprising insights on intimacy I ll be thinking about this one for a long time There s also a breathless chapter I don t think I ll ever stop thinking about An amazing debut.

  4. Dominic Dominic says:

    I tend to get a little personal in my book reviews, considering reading is a highly personal act for me I typically read not for escape but for self illumination But when books like the upcoming novel by Brandon Taylor, Real Life books so in tune with how I live and fear and love come along, I almost freeze up to talk about it.My immediate response when I started reading was that Taylor writes amazing dialogue between men The restraint, often amid great emotional feeling, of many of the male characters is rendered in an almost painfully real way.But the book s most tremendous power, though, lies in the interiority of its main character, Wallace Those who know me know that A Little Life is my favourite contemporary novel, and much of that comes from the brutal and bold examination of Jude St Franci...

  5. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Real Life was an unmerciful novel that tore down the walls of the fiction we have all come to know and love Brandon Taylor manages to navigate pinpoint dialogue in the way only Rachel Cusk can currently do, and also descriptively break you by constant heartache and feelings towards his protagonist reminiscent of Toni Morrison and James Baldwin A feverish novel that literally takes place over three days but managed to open my eyes to a lifetime of misfortunes and unheralded simple everyday injustices towards certain minority groups by people they consider allies This was an uncomfortable read at times for me as a white man but that was the point, to show the other side, the life I don t live, the privilege I m awarded everyday waking up white and straight That aspect alone was enough to cause a sad...

  6. Allison Allison says:

    PERFECT BOOK REAL LIFE was my most anticipated novel of 2020 I feel like I ve been reading Brandon Taylor s work forever, and remember clearly the day on Twitter when he got into Iowa This debut novel exceeded my expectations It s a stunner.REAL LIFE follows Wallace, an introverted biology grad student in the Midwest, a Southern gay black man navigating the predominately white higher ed, over the course of a single late summer weekend The writing is profound beautiful Wallace, Miller, and their friend group colleagues are characters I ll be thinking about forever The book hangover is real with this one Taylor writes so beautifully about loneliness in a room full of people, about desire for a life other than the one you re in, and this novel brings up haunting questions of who we are given our pain...

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Opinions are my own.This debut novel is a gift to the world of novels It is so quietly stirring that you won t know what hit you by the end Following an introverted PhD candidate named Wallace in close third person, Taylor skillfully weaves a story of friendship and superficiality, the subtle and ubiquitous ways in which white supremacy plays out in a white dominant Midwestern friend group, queer love and queer infatuation It s also the best portrayal of an introvert s inner and outer life I ve ever read It takes place over the course of a single weekend, but the emotional depths of Wallace s character unfold with such precision and nuance that the very scary violence taking place in both the past and the present almost feel dis...

  8. The Artisan Geek The Artisan Geek says:

    30 11 19A sincere thank you to Riverhead Books for gifting me a copy of Real Life You can find me on

  9. Vincent Scarpa Vincent Scarpa says:

    This too could be his life, Wallace thinks This thing with Miller, eating fish in the middle of the night, watching the gray air of the night sky over the roof next door This could be their life together, each moment shared, passed back and forth between each other to alleviate the pressure, the awful pressure of having to hold on to time for oneself This is perhaps why people get together in the first place The sharing of time The sharing of the responsibility of anchoring oneself in the world I mean Golden One of the best debut novels I ve read in ages Prepare yourselves.

  10. Monet Monet says:

    I read this book as a first draft and just finished the ARC What strikes me between those two pieces of work is the way BT has shaved down the language to the sharpest most poignant themes There s no getting away from the harsh truths in this novel cruelty, feigned intimacy, racism, family and friendship I understand Wallace probably as well as I understand myself Sometimes he s wrong and sometimes he s absolutely right about the way he sees the world.