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( Read Kindle ) ⚤ Imaginary Friend ⛏ Christopher Is Seven Years Old Christopher Is The New Kid In Town Christopher Has An Imaginary Friend.Single Mother Kate Reese Is On The Run Determined To Improve Life For Her And Her Son, Christopher, She Flees An Abusive Relationship In The Middle Of The Night With Christopher At Her Side Together, They Find Themselves Drawn To The Tight Knit Community Of Mill Grove, Pennsylvania It S As Far Off The Beaten Track As They Can Get Just One Highway In, One Highway Out.At First, It Seems Like The Perfect Place To Finally Settle Down Then Christopher Vanishes For Six Awful Days, No One Can Find Him Until Christopher Emerges From The Woods At The Edge Of Town, Unharmed But Not Unchanged He Returns With A Voice In His Head Only He Can Hear, With A Mission Only He Can Complete Build A Tree House In The Woods By Christmas, Or His Mother And Everyone In The Town Will Never Be The Same Again.Soon Kate And Christopher Find Themselves In The Fight Of Their Lives, Caught In The Middle Of A War Playing Out Between Good And Evil, With Their Small Town As The Battleground.The Epic Work Of Literary Horror From The 1 Bestselling Author Of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. STEPHEN CHBOSKYAUTHOR OF THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER AKA THE BOOK THAT DEFINED MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS AND STILL MAKES ME CRY THIS IS IT CHIEF Now available as a BOTM add on starting in October Long ago, books stopped terrifying me in the way that people search out from the likes of gory, graphic horror films Somewhere upon entering adulthood, the paranormal took a backseat to the chills provided by child abuse, sexual assault, and the murder of members of minority groups who never gain an ounce of justice, but this book terrified me in ways that I haven t experienced in over a decade, mainly due to combining paranormal AND realistic horror I ll go into detail at the end, complete with spoiler tags, but this book contained the one horror element that still manages to give me nightmares, no matter how many times I read a book that includes it If you want to go into Imaginary Friend completely blind, I recommend stopping here, and not reading anything else surrounding the story until you ve had a chance to pick it up for yourself If you re the type of reader, like me, who enjoys knowing a bit about a cryptically vague book to see if you re compatible with it, keep going Either way, please take my thoughts lightly as the cause behind the commotion in this novel will be very polarizing, and most folks will love it or hate itDon t leave the street They can t get you if you don t leave the street The most common question I ve received surrounding this novel is about the page length Was it really necessary for the story to be over 700 pages long Who does this guy think he is, Stephen King Honestly Yes I had my doubts going in, but I almost immediately found myself entranced by the author s writing, and what would be described as a slow burning introduction to our characters became an unputdownable saga There s a reason why Chbosky is a bestselling author, and while he did wait almost 2 decades to publish his second novel, it shows his incredible range of storytelling capabilities and otherworldly talent The average rating is considerably lower than most popular books on Goodreads at the time of this writing, but I do think the page length is something that is possibly affecting this If you re the type of reader that doesn t enjoy a meaty doorstop, you probably won t appreciate what this book has to offer The page count will be a dealbreaker for about half of the readers out there, and that s ok, big books aren t for everyone If you re still with me, let s continue onOh please don t let it be the hissing lady Please don t let me be asleep While I hate comparing authors various works amongst each other, I think it s helpful to note why this book is being pitched to fans of Stephen King and his older horror novels This book appears to be set in the 90 s, and it very strongly has the kids battle evil entity vibe that is so prevalent in many of King s past bestsellers, which automatically appealed to me The beginning has a similar feel where, we get many details into a multitude of characters lives, and after the foundation is set, the creepy instances start It begins slowly, and almost seems to tip toe around the horror aspect until well into the book, but it is beautifully done so As a reader, I became invested in Kate and Christopher as humans, and the bond they created through shared experiences with poverty, abuse, and trauma was so necessary in transforming Imaginary Friend from a B rated horror romp into a full scale terrifying masterpieceHisssssss Hisssssss Alright, here s the meat of it I m going to put this next paragraph in a spoiler tag, and while there are no specific spoilers, I do discuss the theme of the reveal, and I don t want this to affect those readers wishing to go in blind view spoiler Bottom line This is what I like to refer to as religious horror Sure, it s very much fictionalized, and stretches the canon of good vs evil heaven vs hell quite a bit, but it should be noted that I did not feel that this book was preachy if anything, the author chose to use these themes in a way that is meant for nothing but sheer entertainment value I mention it because this form of storytelling may be received as sacrilegious or offensive to some religious groups hide spoiler I was so afraid of my contact lens numbers were going to be bigger than my irises after I finished this book Give me a biggest Chardonnay break, my dear friends, this month I read Institution , Gold Finch and still working on Priory of Orange Tree which has also 800 pages My red eyed image is still giving creeps to neighborhood kids and their mothers which is fine with me, I can eat trick or treat candies I ve bough to serve them and I could also steal their MM only the red ones, they can have the others I read too many bad reviews which gave me a little hesitation at first but come on, we re talking about Perks of Being a Wallflower author And horror is one of my favorite genre Before I got my caffeine intake in the mornings I look like Frakenstein s bride with my all my hair in the air and raccoon eye make up style so I get used to love horrific things Of course I was all in I said bring it on this terrifying read At least if I got bored, I could use it as dumbbell like I did with My KING s Stand book Don t get me wrong I love that book but after finishing it, I was looking like Dwayne Johnson s big sister with my humongous biceps My husband used them as pillows to rest his head and take quick naps I can feel for the readers disappointment or frustration because of changing of writing, story telling method of the author and focusing on different genre.I actually confused too many times during my read and turned the cover to make sure that I was having the right writer s book Was I reading the right STEPHEN s book Was it not KING s book, right It is Chbosky book I actually thought both authors were pulling a prank and at the end of the novel we could find an acknowledgment part confessing my KING pushed Chbosky away from his seat and started to touch the key pad like playing a horrific theme from Phantom of the Opera and wrote this book I mostly enjoy the writing even it was soooo looonnnggg and I dropped my dried contact lenses into my wine glasses and coffee mugs of course drink choices changing daily and nightly and when I was multitasking like biting a scone and flipping the pages, I may have consumed some book pages as well and feeding my dogs with scone they somersaulted and danced all day, like dogs like owners But Christopher s age is a little concerned me At least he could be around 10 12, maybe this age is a little old to have an imaginary friend but his age is too young to endure and fight against all those scary and haunted things he d met It hurt me to see him suffer too many times I was thinking I couldn t see anything disturbing like Joker movie but those parts of the book really agitated me as well And the good and evil s never ending fight, all those biblical references, the parts about the way of people s atonement of their sins were too compelling subjects in this young and innocent child s world I think with omitted parts especially the last parts of the book were too long and they kept repeat themselves and a simpler boy and his imaginary friend s story not about heavy biblical subjects, but a story about a boy s loneliness and naivety to imagine wrong kind of best friend would work better for me But as a summary, my 3 point 5 stars eventually rounded up to 4 because I love spooky, haunted, nail biter, dark stories and I enjoyed most part of the book It s a thrilling, entertaining but also exhausting reading I hope I don t scream too much in my sleep this night Don t worry, this book didn t scare me like that but my husband learned to imitate Joaquin Phoenix s Joker laughter and as soon as I close my eyes at night, he performs very same laughter in the silence of the night like a heartless creature So this month I decided to read horror books because real life and vengeful husbands who were dissatisfied with my cooking performance were scarier than the books Trust me I learned from the hardest way how in the world did stephen chbosky go from writingwe accept the love we think we deserveto an entire book dedicated to a child haunted by horrifying imaginary people i guess 20 years between books is enough time for an author to change and in this case, 20 years to plan stephen kings demise because holy crap this is the creepiest thing ive ever read, in the most bizarre way possible this actually reminded me a lot ofstranger thingsstrange things happen, its a little spooky and im not sure i entirely understand everything or if i even like it, but it is ever so slightly addicting 3.5 stars