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Admittedly, it s my mother that is the Pat Conroy fan She s read all his books many times I, on the other hand, have only readBeach Music which IMHO is one of the best books I have ever read But in reading this, it s not necessarily a need to be a fan of Pat Conroy This book is about the friendship or bromance, if you so wish between Irish Catholic American Pat Conroy and Jewish American Bernie Schein, friends since their school years and both authors in their own right I liked that Schein was honest in who Pat Conroy the man was warts and all Although I wouldn t say this book was riveting, it was certainly informative Goodreads review published 01 08 19Publication Date 03 09 19 In this memoir, Bernie Schein writes about his own life, Pat Conroy s life and their friendship I do want to stress Mr Schein does include a lot of information about his own life since inevitably when an unfamous individual writes about a famous friend or relative, there will be at least one nutty angry reviewer chastising the author for writing about himself or herself so much Hence, it would be wise to skip this book if you are one of those nutty angry reviewers, who feel nameless, fameless individuals have no right to waste your reading time talking about themselves.Since I ve never read any of Pat Conroy s books, and have only read newspaper or magazine articles about him, I don t know how much of the information in this memoir will be new to a Conroy reader I only know that a lot of the time while reading the book, it felt like one was caught up in a soap opera, or was being held hostage in a never ending group therapy session Bernie Schein obviously has little concern about privacy invasion I m sure this memoir will have its fans, though Sorry I m not one of them, although it was interesting to read about close long term friendships between men, famous or not.P.S And Scott Graber was a hoot Note I received a free e ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher or author. When it came to exposing his personal life in print, Pat Conroy seems to have had little fear despite knowing that numerous members of his family were not going to appreciate his decision to air the family s dirty laundry in so public a manner Conroy was so frank about himself and his upbringing that longtime readers of his work easily could see that the man was still carrying emotional baggage from his childhood, but few outsiders could know just how heavy that burden was Now, Bernie Schein, Pat s lifetime best friend despite a fifteen year interruption to their friendship, takes up where Pat left off Many Pat Conroy fans came to consider him a personal friend over the decades they read him, so for obvious reasons Schein s Pat Conroy Our Lifelong Friendship is not an easy book to read it just hurts too much to watch a friend suffer the way Pat suffered It is, however, a book that Pat Conroy fans owe it to themselves and to Pat to read.Bernie Schein was a senior in Beaufort High School South Carolina when military brat Pat Conroy entered the school as a junior It was soon obvious that Conroy was going to be a star athlete despite the resentment of the school s seniors who would have preferred that he fail What was not immediately so obvious is that he was also going to become a huge social star among the school s freshmen, sophos, and juniors And after Bernie invited Pat to the very first school party of any type he would ever attend, the two became friends for the rest of their lives.Their friendship started in a 1961 Beaufort High School study hall, and it would not end until the two men said their goodbyes at Pat s deathbed on March 4, 2016 Along the way, Pat, Bernie, and the rest of their crew managed to avoid the Viet Nam War while Pat and Bernie prepared for careers as school teachers and writers The two shared a sense of humor that usually saw them trading one verbal putdown after another any time they were together Each gave as well as he got, but largely due to his alcoholism and the damage that Santini did to his soul, Pat s vulnerabilities and insecurities were sometimes expressed in bursts of sudden anger and an uncanny ability to hold a grudge for reasons that were often only imagined Yes, this is a book for Pat Conroy fans, but as one of those fans, I have to warn you that you will come away from it a little saddened by some of the things you learn about Pat s interactions with those closest to him For that reason, this is not always an easy book to read But Pat, especially near the end of his life, expressed a desire to be as honest with his fans as he could possibly be He was willing to talk about anything and everything, and Bernie Schein makes sure here that Pat gets his wish Pat would have approved.More than anything in the world, Pat Conroy wanted to be the hero in his world, and he worked hard to play that role often to his own detriment Little did he realize how big a hero he always was to his readers. Overall, I really enjoyed this book It was an entertaining and interesting read I m not sure it will appeal to anyone who isn t already a Pat Conroy or Bernie Schein fan I happen to be a Pat Conroy fan so as soon as I saw the title, I was interested I enjoyed seeing their friendship and history through Bernie s eyes Reading about people I was already familiar with through Pat from a different point of view helped me see a fuller picture of their experiences I also feel like this book is both a wonderful tribute to Pat and a heartfelt tale of friendship which shows the love and messiness that can come with deep, long lasting relationships, especially when at least one of the friends has lived through deep trauma There were a couple of typos that I couldn t get past ya ll should be y all, It s a somewhat common mistake but a mistake nonetheless Paris Island is mentioned several times I m also from the lowcountry and it s Parris form for from when he was discussing the writing of Storms of Aquarius and now for know further down when he was discussing Pat spilling the beans to Clark Seltzer.Bernie Schein s Pat Conroy Our Lifelong Friendship is a book about their friendship It s not merely a biography of Pat Conroy This is a memoir where Bernie s life, growth, and relationships factor in as much as if not than his experiences with Pat Expecting otherwise may lead to disappointment.I received this complimentary ARC via NetGalley to read and review. [ Free ] ♗ Pat Conroy ☾ For Pat Conroy Fans, A Loving, Laughter Filled Homage To A Loyal, Big Hearted FriendPat Conroy, The Bestselling Author Of The Prince Of Tides And The Great Santini Among Many Other Books, Was Beloved By Millions Of Readers Bernie Schein Was His Best Friend From The Time They Met In A High School Pickup Basketball Game In Beaufort, South Carolina, Until Conroy S Death In Both Were Popular Athletes But Also Outsiders As A Jew And A Catholic Military Brat In The Small Town Bible Belt South, And They Bonded Wise Ass And Smart Aleck, Loudmouths Both, They Shared An Ebullient Sense Of Humor And Romanticism, Were Mesmerized By The Highbrow And Reveled In The Low, And Would Sacrifice Entire Evenings And Afternoons To Endless Conversation As Young Teachers In The Beaufort Area And Later In Atlanta, They Were Activists In The Civil Rights Struggle And Against Institutional Racism And Bigotry Bernie Knew Intimately The Private Family Story Of The Conroys And His Friend S Difficult Relationship With His Marine Corps Colonel Father That Pat Would Draw On Repeatedly In His FictionA Love Letter And Homage, And A Way To Share The Pat He Knew, This Book Collects Bernie S Cherished Memories About The Gregarious, Welcoming, Larger Than Life Man Who Remained His Best Friend, Even During The Years They Didn T Speak It Offers A Trove Of Insights And Anecdotes That Will Be Treasured By Pat Conroy S Many Devoted Fans Bernie Schein s Pat Conroy Our Lifelong Friendship was quite simply beautiful with shades of ugliness, pain, and suffering This was an excellent read about a man and his friendships, family and his life and Lowcountry roots For those of us who identify with Pat Conroy, Bernie Schein s book touched our very souls in many ways Would definitely recommend this book to Pat Conroy s readers, literary peers, writers and written and spoken word aficionados Absolutely amazing