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|Free Kindle ♏ About Sieves and Sieving ⚑ The Sieve Exhibits A Wide Ranging Symbolism That Extends Across Art History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, And Gender Studies Barbara Baert Looks At The Sieve From An Interdisciplinary Perspective And From Four Different Innovative Methodological Angles As Motif And Symbol, As Technique And As Paradigm.The Sieve As Motif Goes Back To Roman Stories The Vestal Virgins In Later Times, Their Impermeable Sieve, Which According To Legend They Used To Fetch Water From The River Tiber, Was Iconographically Transferred To Elisabeth I As A Sign Of Her Integrity Further, The Long Dur E Life Of Sieves As Symbolic Technical Utilitarian Object Is Investigated In Examples From The Jewish Folklore, The Berber Culture, And Ancient Egypt.