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#BOOK ⚠ Mystic Investigators ê On Mean Streets There Ain T No Investigator Like A Mystic Investigator A Banshee Detective Hunting A Mermaid S Murderer.A Skeletal Bounty Hunter On The Doomstone Playworld Tracking Down A Bank Robbing Cat Woman.A Soul Collector Facing Off Against The Merged Bodies Of Eight Of The Dead.A Soldier Battling Attacking Deep Ones Finds He Has In Common With The Enemy Than He Ever Dreamed.A Criminal Who Controls Time But Not His Own Heart.An Enigma In A Straightjacket Takes On A Giant Demon Who Feasts On Fear.Three Thieves In A Fantasy World Find Stealing The Queen S Eye Jewel Is Harder Than It Looked.A Hitman Who Sold His Soul To The Devil Trying To Kill A Demon Without Hurting The Woman Its Possessing.A Man Exiled Into Slavery On An Alien World Working As A PI Acursed Mag Helping To Find A Missing Nun Before Certain Stars Aline.