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@DOWNLOAD KINDLE ë The Mug Life ì Evil Walks The Earth In Many Forms, But So Do Those Who Oppose It Protecting The Innocent Seeking Justice, They Fight To Beat Back The Darkness Their Names Are Legend Or Soon Shall Be Welcome To Murphy S Lore After Hours Doing What S Right And Beating Back The Darkness That S The Mug Life In This Latest Volume, Murphy Tries To Help A Father Find A Better End To His Pain Then Joins Forces With A Gremlin To Disarm A Bomb In A Lingerie Shop The NYPD Arrests Hex When He S Framed By A Cannibal Granny Hitman Vince Argus Plays Hide And Seek With A Target Who S In Jail Sir Dagonet Awaits Execution Yet Still Stands Between A Town And A Dragon That Threatens To Drown Them All Daye The Daemor Learns That Not Every Assassination Is Easy The Pink Reaper Must Find If The King Of Killers Is Back Or If There Is A Deadly New Heir Apparent Agent Karver Of The DMA Has A Very Bad Christmas And A Deadly New Year Bambi The Succubus Is Sent To Capture A Rogue Demon Loose On Earth The Phoenixian Enters Into A Very Unusual Relationship With A Serial Killer Edgar Tonic And Tommy The Jinn Even Things Up With Edgar S Ex Wife Terrorbelle Searches For Her Father During The Alternate Future Of The Mystacaust Then Faces Off Against A Bovine C Rex Before Heading To Hollywood To Stop A Blackmailer And Moni The Graveyard Angel Confronts An Unusual Graverobber.The Patrons Of Bulfinche S Pub Speak Out On THE MUG LIFE THIS BOOK HAS MADE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE A VISIONARY AND HILARIOUS ROLLER COASTER THRILL RIDE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO REVEL IN Murphy S Mom I WAS RIVETED LITERALLY WITH REAL RIVETS TO A CHAIR Murphy Has A Weird Sense Of Humor Bubba Sue, Gremlin BETTER THAN ACTUALLY BEING MUGGED But Not By Much Edgar Tonic, Hot Dog Vendor