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!KINDLE ♍ Storm Warning ☧ Fiction In 1930, In The Waning Days Of The Weimar Republic, An Experiment In Democratic Government And Workers Rights, As Well As Various Forms Of Sexual Liberation, It Was Still Possible For Upper Class Hostess Ilse Webber To Invite A Social Democrat Union Organizer Named Mendelsohn, A Jewish Banker Named Weiss And A Pro Nazi Intellectual Librarian Named Vogel To The Same Gathering However, Those Days Were Coming To An End It Was A Time Of Turmoil, With Stormtroopers Of The Sturmableitung, The Brownshirts, Creating Disorder And Mayhem On A Daily Basis The Struggle For Reality And The Power It Brought To Create Reality, Was Between The Social Democrats The Force Standing For Freedoms Of The Spirit And The Mind And The Nazis, With Their Industrialist And Big Business Fellow Travelers, Standing For Demonization Of Jews And Left Liberals And For Violently Imposing Strict Social Controls On The People This Is A Novel With A Broad Cast Of Characters, The Inhabitants Of A Prussian Town In Germany Not Unlike Similar Sized Towns In The American Heartland, Living In The Days Just Prior To And Then After Adolph Hitler S Rise To Power In January 1933 All Of Them Would Experience Profound Changes To Their Day To Day Lives Some Would Even Be Murdered And Their Neighbors Would Be Their Murderers This Fast Paced, Eye Opening Story Is As Current As Any Headline To Be Found In The Pages Of Todays Daily Newspapers Saul Braun Is The Author Of The Well Regarded Catalog Of Sexual Consciousness Grove Press, 1976 And Several Highly Lauded Cover Articles In The New York Times Sunday Magazine STORM WARNING Is A Brilliant And Terrifying Novel About The Rise Of Nazism In Germany In The 1930s As An American Who Happened To Be Born In Austria In 1933 And Saw The German Tanks On Vienna S Ringstrasse In March, 1938, I Fear The Re Occurance Of Authoritarianism Not Only In Europe But In Donald Trump S United States Tom Wallace, Formerly Editor, Henry Holt And W.W Norton