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@Ebook ó The Toll ì From New York Times Bestselling Author Neal Shusterman Comes The Thrilling Conclusion To The Printz Honor Winning Series Arc Of A Scythe.It S Been Three Years Since Rowan And Citra Disappeared Since Scythe Goddard Came Into Power Since The Thunderhead Closed Itself Off To Everyone But Grayson Tolliver.In This Pulse Pounding Conclusion To New York Times Bestselling Author Neal Shusterman S Arc Of A Scythe Trilogy, Constitutions Are Tested And Old Friends Are Brought Back From The Dead.

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  1. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    um hello where is this book y all i posted this in january, i know when the book is coming out now lol

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  3. joey (thoughts and afterthoughts) joey (thoughts and afterthoughts) says:

    Edited 10 10 19 neal, why full review to come The Toll The Greyson Toll iver.SAVE MY CINNAMON ROLLS.

  4. Sh3lly Sh3lly says:

    It says November 5, 2019 Is that new ish Scythe Thunderhead Update Neal Shusterman announced on March 18 on Twitter I am thrilled to announce that I just completed THE TOLL I didn t notice there was a title now Woah fangirls In the meantime, here s an interview I found from January Book three, currently entitled The Toll, takes place a few years after Thunderhead The world has changed in ways that follow from what happens at the end of Thunderhead Greyson becomes a very important figure in book three, as do all the key characters who survive book two, and even a few of the ones who don t because, as you know, death isn t always permanent A critical aspect will be the failsafe that the founding scythes created in case the scythedom became corrupt, and failed to uphold its moral imperative Also ...

  5. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    Published 2019.It better be after that cliffhanger I NEED TO KNOW

  6. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    I can hear Door s lyrics playing in my head This is the end my beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend All the good things need to end at someday Even SPN after 15 freaking crazy ride seasons later has to end This is the second emotional thing I had to endure First one is saying goodbye to Winchester brothers and the second one is finishing this book, waving at those beautiful characters So I m giving my full five gazillion shiny stars for the love of Scythedom, Rowan, Citra, Goddard, Anastasia, Jerico my favorite newcomer and all those remarkable characters, fantastic word building, creatively visualized dystopian atmosphere, provocative political system criticism you may see all those reflections of The US s political climate change which are intelligently inserted inside this book I feel a li...

  7. jessica jessica says:

    the best thing about this book is the storytelling writing without a doubt shusterman is a genius with how he weaves each of the characters, old and new, having their paths flirt with each other until they finally intertwine there are so many moving parts to the conclusion of this series that it feels like the reader is watching a puzzle being completed, with each piece slowing finding its home until the final result is realised its just so masterfully done that i cant help but praise the writing and how the story is told so much so that i want to round up my rating that being said, i have finally become tired of the story itself luckily, its now over i just think the novelty wore off after the second book and this installment is much longer and drawn out than it needs to be, in my opinion it also doesnt ...

  8. Matthew Matthew says:

    The saga is over This whole series is very good 5 stars all the way and highly recommended to fans of YA Dystopian fiction Book 2 Thunderhead is one of my favorite books of the last few years So, I was very excited to get this ARC from Simon and Schuster to get a chance to finish this tell a bit ahead of time I am pleased to get this review out on the eve of the book s release and I hope it gets fans of the series excited to finish the journey.I do have to say that book three was good but did not quite blow me away like the other two While book 1 and 2 were both were easily 5 stars for me, The Toll is only 4 stars Do not take this too hard if you have been looking forward to it 4 stars is still very good It is just that the first two built up so much and then hit me in the feels with such a powerful one t...

  9. Nick Nick says:

    my skin is clear, my crops are thriving, I have 20 20 vision, my grades are up, the sun is shining, I feel so alive, world order has been restored

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