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Despite the fact that I read a lot of comics and I do read a lot of comics I don t read a lot of superhero comics Which isn t true at all, because I read a lot of superhero comics it s just that almost all the superhero comics I read are Batman I am absolutely obsessed with Batman in a way I ve learned to live with, and I don t feel the need for non comics fans or non superhero fans to get it, because so many other people obviously already do.But If, say, you were getting into comics but you were getting into them as an adult, say, and you were trying to walk that fine line that all us comic fans walk, of enjoying the goofy weirdness that comics can bring without falling into the depressing trench of Those People Who Read Comics if, basically, you were trying to find that magic line where the Good meets the Terrible and TranscendsWell, at some point or another, you d probably ask yourself what the hell superhero comics were all about, and if there were any part of you that could ever appreciate them, both unironically and without becoming one of Those People Who Read Comics.And proba (((DOWNLOAD))) All-Star Superman (Volume 1) ↳ From The Inside Jacket The Last Son Of The Doomed Planet Krypton Rocketed To Earth A Sci Fi Savior Raised In America S Heartland Embracing And Embraced By What S Best In Humanity Lex Luthor, The Criminal Mastermind Misguided By His Own Personal Shortcomings Lois Lane, The Dynamic Investigative Reporter Who Reminds You That There Are Enigmas In Life That Baffle Even Superman.You Ve Seen It Before Now See It Again As Though For The First Time Not An Origin Story, Modernization, Or Reinvention But Instead A Timeless And Iconic Presentation Refined By The Passion And Craft Of Master Storytellers, ALL STAR SUPERMAN Presents A Unique And Elegant Interpretation Of The Original And Most Recognizable Of All Superheroes. 4.5 stars This is what I would recommend to someone who is not a fan of Superman Morrison manages to take all of the things that make Superman such an iconic character, and turn it into a great story. Dear Grant Morrison,It s not you, it s me I should have known better I ve never been a big fan of Superman We both know that I m much of a Batman sort of girl I can t think of a single Superman book that I ve loved I probably should have left well enough alone But I was curious, and anything had to be better than Frank Miller s All Star Batman That much was true At least you seem to understand Superman s character, in a way that Miller no longer understands Batman s and has never understood Superman s You know that the core of him is defined by Ma and Pa Kent I can respect that There s so much temptation to make things darker and edgier, and you withstood much of that And we all know that you re a writer with no problem going to the dark side And I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not writing your female characters as sex objects.That s the good part But I thought the point of these All Star books was supposed to be in presenting these iconic characters without all of the backstory getting in the way But it felt like a lot of backstory was floating around here, and not being well versed in Superlore, I felt lost half the time Like, who the hell is Samson I m still not sure I 5.5 starsIntroduction Now, I have a little confession to make I seem to be making so many book confessions lately, right I had only read a few Superman comics over the years, which included Superman Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow and Superman Secret Identity The reason why I have not read that many Superman comics was not because I hate Superman I actually really like his character , but it was hard for me to look for some recommendations for good Superman stories while recommendations for good Batman stories came much readily One of the Superman stories that was always highly recommended to me was Grant Morrison s run on Superman called All Star Superman At first, I was a bit hesitant about checking this series out because from what I had heard from some comic book fans, Grant Morrison s works tend to jump off the deep end at a certain point in his stories and I had experienced that with his work on Batman R.I.P However, after I finally decided to dive into this graphic novel, I now see why this particular graphic n I ve had this Comic for ages without reading it I should ve read it sooner, as it s really good The storylines for each episode are all different, yet often interlinking all of the usual suspects in terms of characters are in it The artworks nice Retro mixed with modern with a good amount of detail Look Superman playing super fetch with his super dog Aw Hey, guys Guess what I read yesterday Superman Isn t that weird Well, it was Buy 1 Graphic Novel, Get 1 For 1 Day my work And I had stocked up on the latest volumes of the three series that I am currently in the middle of Fables, The Walking Dead, Chew I just needed one And the stock was looking slim yay sales boo none for me When this guy that I work with, Tyler, hands me Grant Morrison s All Star Superman Since he knows what he s talking about when it comes to superhero comics and I certainly don t I bit Now, I have a working knowledge of Grant Morrison, since I compose the company s weekly Comic Book newsletter He s like a big deal guy that everyone lurves And I have the same ingrained because you re an American pop culture knowledge of Superman that you probably have you know Krypton, Clark Kent, Phonebooths, Lois Lane, Smallville, Lex Luthor that kind of thing But, I had never wanted to read a Superman comic before And I d never seen a Superman movie or television show I just figured I knew all I wanted to know about Superman But, this was real Morrison is a great comic book writer, but he has a few obvious flaws that can make his work difficult to digest, and have always kept him from reaching the same heights as Alan Moore.All Star Superman, while using the same deconstructed narrative and mind blowingly bizarre gift of invention that are his trademarks, manages to overcome those limitations and essentially create the platonic ideal of what a Superman story should be.In twelve issues this series manages to truly show how an epic story can be told about a man who cannot be hurt by normal means It throws us into a universe that is already deep and rich, and where this hero has been that planet s protector for many years It unflinchingly goes from silly to hardcore sci fi, all with a strong emotional undercurrent that drives everything forward.It s not perfect, and I still found myself wondering what the hell he was talking about from time to time, but the wh I keep wanting to like Superman, to find those epic stories that boil him down to the essentials and show why people love him so much All Star Superman was one recommended to me, and I came away with nothing but meh Most of this feels so over the top and hokey Black kryptonite Jimmy Olsen what are you doing Atlas and Sampson s pissing match over Lois, let me puke , which only buries the nicer moments.Also, I have never How do I rave without giving everything away or repeating what others have already said This is Morrison at his best and most focused It s still out there, sometimes cerebral, funny, wacky But it s mostly charming, classic, and true This is how I thi